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Nick Craddock ‘Finding Form’ (25.07.04)

1. Plastikman ‘Plastique’ (novamute)
2. Larry Heard ‘Missing You’ (Mecca)
3. Boom-Bip ‘Closed Shoulders’ (Cloudhead Remix) (Lex)
4. Dimbiman ‘The Early Bird Hype’ (Perlon)
5. Carlson Basu & Metaboman ‘The Woman’ (Musik Krause)
6. Manmade Science ‘Times & Senses’ (Philpot)
7. Ricardo vs. Jay ‘Cactus Love’ (Contexterrior)
8. T-Polar ‘Breaksages’ (Morris Audio Citysport)
9. Ardisson ‘Can You Keep Up?’ (Seed)
10. Tim Wright ‘The Ride’ (Luciano Dancehall Remix) (novamute)
11. Copacabannark ‘Garden Parade’ (Dandy Jack’s Senti-Metal Mix) (Perlon)
12. Und ‘Sikko Stub’ B2 (Trapez Ltd.)
13. DBX ‘Phreak’ (Accelerate)
14. Jeff Mills ‘Expanded’ B1 (Axis)
15. Und ‘Sikko Stub’ A1 (Trapez Ltd.)
16. Misc ‘Flow Control’ (Sender)

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