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Nick Craddock ‘In the Heat…’ (04.08.03)

1. Smartypants ‘Miranda Bought An 8 Ball’ (Traum)
2. SCSI-9 ‘The Angel’ (Salo)
3. Deadbeat ‘Laughing Ghost’ (Klitekture)
4. Lusine ‘Haze’ (Ghostly)
5. Oz Artists ‘The Art Of Wrestling’ (Thule)
6. Gez Varley ‘Bayou Paradis’ (Force Inc.)
7. Steb Sly feat. Shawna Sulek ‘(Re)Mind Dreams (Swayzak Subeez Dub)’ (240v)
8. Geoff White & Sutekh ‘Delay 6b’ (Delay)
9. Matthew Dear ‘Lakonic’ (Spectral)
10. Ada ‘Blindhouse’ (Areal)
11. David Alvarado ‘My Plea’ (Peacefrog)
12. Monolake ‘Stratosphere’ (Monolake)
13. John Shananigans ‘Electric Marmalade’ (Cynosure)
14. B ‘Boobytrap’ (Background)
15. Spektrum ‘Freakbox (Villalobos Remix)’ (Playhouse)
16. Jeff Milligan ‘Monkey Moped’ (Background)
17. Cabanne ‘Dawn’ (Telegraph)
18. Andy Vaz ‘Last Minute Variation’ (Background)
19. Mike Shannon ‘Unknown’ (Cynosure)

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