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Nick Craddock ‘Transpennine Express’ (2002)

1. Akufen ‘Untitled’ (BG025)  (Background)
2. Twerk ‘Porca Miseria’ (Force Inc.)
3. J. Hunsberger ‘Kneecapped’ (Revolver)
4. Matt Thibideau ‘Love Letter Is Like A Bullet From Gun’ (Cynosure)
5. Peter F. Spiess ‘Sleazy Jazz’ (Klang)
6. Peter F. Spiess ‘Meat Slicer’ (Klang)
7. Oliver Hacke ‘Lichtung EP’ (Background)
8. Llorca ‘Indigo Blues (Interform Mix)’ (F-Com)
9. Anna Kaufen ‘Jumping Jack Trash’ (ATC)
10. Presence ‘Future Luv’ (Herbert ‘Did This’ Mix) (Arc21/Pagan)
11. Fini Dolo ‘Big Dipper To Little Bear’ (Nepenta)
12. Che ‘The Incident’ (Trackmode)

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